Single Page App with Livewire and InertiaJS

I really like to create app using Laravel and other frontend framework. At first Im too excited with vuejs because for me its easy and developer friendly. You do not have to deal with Vanilla Javascript or JQuery. Yeah I know JQuery is very good and my best friend for a long time. But web development moved really fast and if you do not look around you will left behind.

Im working on side project and I was on hard time to decide which one to use between two great projects. Between InertiaJS and Livewire Laravel.

I actually write a good lines of code using InertiaJS and Laravel but as we all know InertiaJS is using vuejs and other frontend framework. There is nothing wrong with vuejs because it is very powerful.

And today I guess I really want to create the app using a server side code with less if no Javascript to deal with.

So I decided to stop coding with InertiaJS and go with Livewire Laravel.

It is really up to you what framework you want to use. If you like to use using vuejs or other framework then go with InertiaJS.

But for me I really like to code using Javascript free if possible.

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